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The Grand Hi Lai Hotel opens its doors for business. From the very beginning, the Grand Hi Lai’s professional architectural aesthetics and international standard of hotel management have made the Grand Hi-Lai a must-visit location for any traveler in southern Taiwan.


The Grand Hi-Lai Hotel’s Catering Division officially becomes an independent catering company-Hi-Lai Foods. Led by a highly professional team of culinary and business experts, Hi-Lai Foods provides famous international cuisine of all types---and of course, that’s all done with the high-quality professional service that the Hi-Lai brand is known for.


Officially changes name to Hi-Lai foods and begins to expand its “culinary map,” establishing a location in the Hanshin Arena---the largest five-star buffet in all of Taiwan!


Hi-Lai Foods obtained the exclusive Michelin Restaurant- Celebrity Cuisine rights and established the first Taiwanese location, causing quite a sensation in the world of fine dining.

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