Theme Parties

A Banquet to Celebrate Your Child's First Year of Life

It's time for your child to choose a direction and get started on life! Invite your friends to witness this important moment in your child's life. Give everyone the chance to congratulate your child and wish them well on their journey toward adulthood! We'll all be proud parents as our children become the best that they can be!

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Hello kitty夢幻婚禮

全首創由三麗鷗獨家授權的Hello Kitty夢幻婚禮,由三麗鷗日籍設計師親自設計婚禮佈置細節,Hello Kitty專屬二次進場馬車,斥資數百萬元打造心目中最卡哇伊的幸福時刻!

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