In 2017 Hi-Lai invited famed Japanese designer Yukio Hashimoto to design the venue, spending close to 100 million NTD dollars on the renovation. Our banquet hall’s equipment has also been massively upgraded! The sparkling elegant Hi-Lai Banquet Hall has 40-meter-long HD screen, live cameras, and "The Wings of Love," a 3D visual arts landmark that is on par with the light and sound quality of a live concert. The brand new and fashionable Arena Ballroom is styled in a classic TIFFANY blue, a look both stylish and favored by young people. It is also equipped with the Bose all-digital array of speakers and lighting system used by six-star hotels in the US. Each of the three grand ballrooms is equipped with a 750-inch 4k high-resolution LED video wall and a "Wings of Happiness" carriage for new arrivals. Our professional team of wedding consultants will give you service with a kindness, consideration, and quality that will leave you smiling. Every bride will be a princess, creating a beautiful, unforgettable memory for you and your friends and family. Without a doubt, Hi-Lai has just what you're looking for!

Services available

Every couple hopes that their wedding day can be a unique occasion full of joy and bliss. So that's why based on your needs, Hi-Lai's team of professional wedding consultants will create an occasion that is exactly want you want, no matter whether it's the MC or the wedding itself. Hi-Lai has rich experience in creating and supporting large wedding parties, so we'll be sure to provide a wedding that is more romantic and blissful than either of the lucky couple could ever have imagined!

An Exclusive and Exquisite Gift

For wedding banquet sets of 15,299 NTD or more, we have prepared a very special gift for each and every guest invited by the newly wedded couple. Our service is considerate and thoughtful because we want everyone to have a beautiful memory of your very special day.

Welcoming Guests with a Sweet Treat

We provide guests with a cocktail and a candy bar! That way every guest knows just how sweet and lovely the newly wedded couple are. And, once the guests have had a cocktail and candy bar, they're sure to be in a great mood for the rest of a very amazing and happy day.