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SOGO Taichung

Located on a lively section of Taiwan Boulevard, the business district is home to Calligraphy Greenway, a science museum, art museum, five star hotels, Taichung City Park, etc. In 2013, Hi-Lai Harbour and the Jade Garden Restaurant moved into their Taichung location bringing with them Hi-Lai's signature five-star hotel quality, service and dining experience!

Hi-Lai Harbour- Taichung Location

Hi-Lai Harbour Taichung Location

Having spent almost 100 million yuan to create this 5-star dining environmen……

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Cantonese Jade Garden Restaurant-Taichung Location

Hi-Lai Jade Garden Restaurant-Taichung Location

This Jade Garden Restaurant location is a mini version of the Jade Garden, s……

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Hi-Lai Vegetarian-Taichung SOGO Location

Hi-Lai Vegetarian Taichung SOGO Location

Hi-Lai Vegetarian's Taichung location specializes in innovative vegetarian d……

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