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Grand Hi-Lai Hotel

Located in the heart of Kaohsiung's bustling business district, the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel stands at an impressive 186 meters tall. Looking out over Kaohsiung, the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel is neoclassical jewel of architectural design. And with its international outlook, the Hi-Lai Grand Hotel gives its guests a perfect mixture of business, fine eating, relaxation, entertainment, and art. The interior of the hotel is filled with fine art; it has 436 delightfully comfortable rooms; the executive club is a dignified delight; the largest department store in Taiwan is located here; the banquet halls are spacious; the conference center is fully prepared to fulfill the needs of any gathering; there are also 13 restaurants and bakeries staffed by only the most elite chefs. The designer dining spaces, luxurious booths, and relaxing atmosphere provide guests with the most comfortable dining experience, most delicious food, and the best service in all of Taiwan.

Steak House-Hi-Lai  Location

Steak House

This classic steak house is the eatery of choice for the most discriminating……

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Lobster Bar-Hi-Lai  Location

Lobster Bar

Stars twinkle outside the window as lights glitter across the harbour. Candl……

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Teppanyaki Restaurant-Hi-Lai  Location

Teppanyaki Restaurant

Located on the 45th floor, the Teppanyaki Restaurant presents diners with a ……

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Hi-Lai Harbour-Hi-lai Location

Hi-Lai Harbour Hi-lai Location

The ceiling stretches high in a spacious restaurant that opens up into the p……

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Celebrity Cuisine-Hi-Lai  Location

Celebrity Cuisine Hi-Lai Location

Celebrity Cuisine has been a Michelin Restaurant since 2011. Their classic g……

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Pool Side Cafe-Hi-Lai  Location

Pool Side Cafe Hi-Lai Location

Located next to the outdoor pool on the 11th floor, the Pool Side Cafe creat……

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Cantonese Jade Garden Restaurant-Hi-Lai  Location

Cantonese Jade Garden Restaurant Hi-Lai Location

This restaurant features a bright and soothing dining hall, ideal for holdin……

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Japanese Restaurant Ben Kei-Hi-Lai  Location

Japanese Restaurant Ben Kei

Japanese culinary genius Gomisawa prepares cuisine in person, creating delec……

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Shanghainese Dumpling-Hi Lai Location

Shanghainese Dumpling Hi Lai Location

We are southern Taiwan's first restaurant offering traditional Shanghai styl……

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Seafood Hotpot Restaurant-Hi-Lai  Location

Seafood Hotpot Restaurant

We are the only professional hotpot restaurant in southern Taiwan that serve……

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Taiwanese Restaurant-Hi-Lai  Location

Taiwanese Restaurant

The “Taiwanese Restaurant” of Grand Hi-Lai Hotel is the most luxurious and c……

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Lobby Lounge-Hi-Lai  Location

Lobby Lounge

Located in the hotel lobby, the lounge features luxurious sofas in the lavis……

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Deli & Bakery-Hi-Lai  Location

Deli & Bakery

The fragrance of baking goods will lure you to this warm and inviting corner……

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