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Hi-Lai Arena

This is the first sports dome and shopping center in southern Taiwan capable of providing sports, entertainment, and shopping possibilities to consumers all in the same location. It finished construction in July of 2008. It combines the Hanshin Arena and the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel's dome location. The location boasts two basement levels below a ten-story building, within which customers will be happy to discover the Hi-Lai Hotel International Ballroom on the 9th floor as well as the Jade Garden Restaurant. On the fifth floor guests will also discover the Hi-Lai Harbour buffet restaurant, the Hi-Lai Vegetarian Restaurant, as well as an additional Hi-Lai location on the first floor. These locations are all owned and operated by the premier five star hotel in southern Taiwan: the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel. Continuing Hi-Lai's proud tradition of high quality gourmet cuisine, these locations are also fashionable, luxuriously designed without losing their integral sense of elegance. The gourmet dishes served take the best of Chinese, western, and Japanese cooking to create something truly special. The Chinese menu also combines the animating spirit of Hong Kong and Shanghai's distinctive cuisines. There is also innovative and incredibly delicious vegetarian cooking, as well as coffee and drinks which are a feast for the eyes as much as the palate. Truly, every dish provides diners with a unique cultural and artistic experience.

Hi Lai Café-Arena Location

Hi Lai Café Arena Location

Nestled in the luxurious jungle of elegant department store eateries, the Hi……

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Hi-Lai Harbour-Arena Location

Hi-Lai Harbour Arena Location

The Arena Location was designed around the concept of a "Harbour Market," so……

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Hi-Lai Vegetarian-Arena Location

Hi-Lai Vegetarian Arena Location

This is the first sports dome and shopping center in southern Taiwan capable……

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Cantonese Jade Garden Restaurant-Arena Location

Cantonese Jade Garden Restaurant Arena Location

This is the first restaurant to combine the unique characteristics of dim su……

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