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SOGO Zhongxiao Store, Taipei

The SOGO Zhongxiao Location is nestled in the heart of Taipei's east district. Adjacent to the fashionable Fuxing and Dunhua SOGO locations, fine gifts, fashion, life, good eating, relaxation and entertainment are all easily found here. Located near a transportation nexus with easy access to the MRT, people are bustling in and out all day long creating a lively business atmosphere. In 2016 when Hi-Lai Vegetarian officially opened its first location in Taipei, its five-star hotel level of cuisine, service, and comfortable eating environment inspired a healthy eating trend among Taipei's restaurant-goers.

Hi-Lai Vegetarian- Zhongxiao Location

Hi-Lai Vegetarian Zhongxiao Location

Hi-Lai Vegetarian Restaurant's culinary team has created 23 masterful new di……

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