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SOGO Tianmu Store, Taipei

Located in Tienmu, which is widely known as the international district of Taipei, this area's tranquil environment is filled with exotic flavor. The relaxing international environment and delightful department store are main features of the area, providing shoppers with a wide variety of specialty items, fashion, lifestyle options, fine dining, leisure, and entertainment options. Hi-Lai Harbour's Tienmu location opened in November of 2016 on the 7th floor of Tienmu's SOGO. Tienmu is Hi-Lai Harbour's 7th location. With Hi-Lai's signature level of five-star quality service, food, and dining environment, we are continuously striving for ever greater heights of service and cuisine quality!

Hi-Lai Harbour-Tianmu Location

Hi-Lai Harbour Tianmu Location

The Tianmu location is Hi-Lai Harbour's second location in Taipei, and is lo……

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